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experiments with public/private "edge effects"

permaculture tour of Matt & Jess's, 8-28-15

grass-to-garden, obtain a yield, use & value renewable resources

hard at work
house pic 1
house pic 2
our first pile of leaves
deciding what plants will go where
forking the leaves
01-11-09 Blazers Leaves Sunspace 001
01-11-09 Blazers Leaves Sunspace 008
jess workin the cold frame
jess watering the new beds

pollinators & flowers, use and value diversity, integrate rather than segregate

Pollinator on borage flower
Pollinators mating on germander
Pollinator on cilantro flower
Pollinator on arugula flowers
Pollinator on chicory
Wasp on parsley flower
Pollinator on parsley flower
Pollinator on white yarrow
Pollinator on a borage flower
Honeybees on poppy flower
Pollinator on walking onion
Pollinators on spirea flowers
Pollinator on germander flowers
Pollinator on mugwort flowers

more photos of permaculture experiments to come...

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