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Why take classes at Crow Feather Farm?


Are you a proficient gardener but wanting an even deeper connection to the land you are living on and cultivating?

Would you like to be able to harvest from your garden year round for food and/or medicine?


Are you wanting to increase the productivity and food/medicine in your garden on the long term? 

Are you curious about edible or medicinal perennials?  Do you enjoy working with and trying new plants?

If you are already growing some edible perennials, are you confused about how to prepare and integrate them into your diet? 


Would you like to learn about a wider range of edible perennials and strategies on growing them in your landscape? 


There are 3 different types of classes to choose from...

Tour & "Taste" :  an interactive survey of many plants

Dig In & Learn :  an in depth study of one plant

Urban Farm Design 101 :  learning how the pieces fit together

Feel free to connect with me, if you have any questions.



***All Classes Postponed For Now...***

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