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Dig In & Learn

All Classes Postponed For Now...

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If your is what Dig In & Learn Classes are about...

General Class Description

During this class we will focus and work with one edible and/or medicinal plant in detail that is growing at Crow Feather Farm.

There is so much to learn about edible/medicinal perennial plants, from growing, to harvesting to preparing and enjoying them in meals or as simple medicines.  This class is a great way to fast track your confidence in working with these plants through direct experience.  

Often you will have a sample of the plant in some fashion to take home and after the class I will send you a PDF summary of the plant we studied. 


Past Dig In & Learn Classes have included Hawthorn, Marshmallow and Elecampane. 

I hope to offer future classes on Dandelion, Nettle, Milkweed and more. 

”We are so very lucky to have Jessica in our community. Last week I completed Jessica’s Fall Class Series and I can safely say that each of us was totally engaged for each class, learned bunches and enjoyed our time together.  I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1980, on a street that was, at that time, lined with Hawthorne trees. I just now learned that Hawthorne berries can not only be eaten but are a wonderful tasty addition to a healthful diet. Now I see trees I’ve walked past for nearly 40 years in a whole new way!  I can hardly wait for next year’s berries. 


Similar things kept happening during the series. I had been gifted Elecampane and Marshmallow Root a while back, but didn’t really know where to plant it or how to prepare it. Along comes Jessica!

If we humans are to continue on this planet we must learn to live in a new way. Sharing our personal expertise with our community members is an essential step. Thank you!”

- Pamela Fitzpatrick Dec 2019

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