Dig In & Learn

General Class Description

During this class we will focus and work with one plant through direct experience and heart centered learning.  The activities of the Dig in & Learn classes will change through the seasons and will depend on the plant we are working with.  Typically we will be preparing and tasting the plant in some fashion as well as taking a close look at how they manifest themselves and the potential possible if you choose to work with them. 

Often you will have a sample of something you prepared to take home and after the class I will send you a PDF summary of the plant we studied. 


These classes will be focusing on perennial food/medicine plants that can be grown in the urban landscape.  Past Dig In & Learn Classes have included Hawthorn, Marshmallow and Elecampane. 

Coming up are Dandelion, Milkweed, and Nettle. 

”We are so very lucky to have Jessica in our community. Last week I completed Jessica’s Fall Class Series and I can safely say that each of us was totally engaged for each class, learned bunches and enjoyed our time together.  I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1980, on a street that was, at that time, lined with Hawthorne trees. I just now learned that Hawthorne berries can not only be eaten but are a wonderful tasty addition to a healthful diet. Now I see trees I’ve walked past for nearly 40 years in a whole new way!  I can hardly wait for next year’s berries. 


Similar things kept happening during the series. I had been gifted Elecampane and Marshmallow Root a while back, but didn’t really know where to plant it or how to prepare it. Along comes Jessica!

If we humans are to continue on this planet we must learn to live in a new way. Sharing our personal expertise with our community members is an essential step. Thank you!”

- Pamela Fitzpatrick Dec 2019

Upcoming Dig In & Learn Classes

Registration is required

Classes are $20 if you pay before the class, $25 on the day of

Class Series Special:  Register and pay for all 3 classes for $55 (Deadline is Sunday, March 8)

Dandelion!!  Saturday, March 21 * 1-3pm

It's the Equinox AND we get to celebrate Dandelion. WooHoo!

It's hard for me not to burst into song, my heart fills with such happiness for Dandelion. 

Dandelion is a pleasure to get to know and has often been the gateway plant for folks getting started in plants/herbalism, myself included. 

Dandy has been a stalwart companion and guide over the years and has transitioned from a medicine I used occasionally to a very welcome perennial edible powerhouse.

During this class you will make and/or taste preparations of the roots, crown, leaves, stems, and flowers, the whole plant.  Dandelion has many other gifts as well and we'll  certainly go above and beyond tasting. 

Nettle - Saturday March 28 * 1-3pm

While Dandelion makes me want to sing and is very playful, Nettle is a bit more serious.  You notice this quickly with the sting commonly associated with NettleGrounding and nourishing, Nettle brings you back down to center.  As always, this class won't disappoint, even for folks that already have started a relationship with Nettle.  We will explore, create and taste with this wise herb. 

Milkweed - Sunday, June 7 * 1-3pm

Milkweed is to monarchs as monarchs are to Milkweed.  You can't have Monarch butterflies without Milkweed, the larvae (caterpillars) of this butterfly feed solely on milkweed plants.  I planted milkweed because a neighbor stopped by my house and asked me to plant it for the Monarch butterflies and she handed me a showy milkweed plant.  I didn't know much about Milkweed then, I was even quite hesitant because I thought of Milkweed, well, as a weed.  Since then I've gotten to know our native showy Milkweed and absolutely adore her.  Like all the plants, I learn more with each passing year and I am excited to share with you what showy Milkweed has been teaching me. 

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