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 Urban Farm Nursery

Crow Feather Farm is proud to offer a small urban nursery that specializes in edible and medicinal plants that are often hard to find in larger retail nurseries. 

See Current Plant List Here

The nursery is open by appointment except during seasonal sales which are announced via email with nursery hours.  Plant availability also changes throughout the season as well. 


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Classes and Tours at Crow Feather Farm go into more depth on how to integrate many of the plants that are offered in the nursery into your garden and diet.




Plants are grown in organic potting soil with repurposed plastic pots or 100% biodegradable cow pots.  All plants are started from seed or cuttings at Crow Feather Farm.


All plants are Edible and/or Medicinal, most are perennial, and many support beneficial insects!!



Cash or Paypal payments accepted at this time

Thank you for your support!


Milkweed Radical
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