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Crow Feather Farm is....

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A riot of shape and form,

a symphony of cycles and patterns,

a tangle of interconnections.

A teacher of time and stillness,

a muse of lightness and shadow,

an altar to wonder and curiosity.

a sage holding a mirror.

A process of working with,

a dismantling of

power over,

a sanctuary a midst madness.

A lesson in resilient design,

a practice of reciprocity,

a glimpse of an inclusive story

a community of strangers, friends, family.

A seed bank and a warning call,

a story of how humans are forgetting,

a language of place and feeling.

Perfect in imperfection,

an alchemist, a mage, healer,

practical, humble, raw.

A place of edges and change,

death transforms to life,

failure melds into opportunity,

an infinite spiral of

dismantling and weaving.

More than techniques, plans and tools,

Crow Feather Farm

is a place of remembering and being.

October 2020

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