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Tour & "Taste"

Classes Postponed For Now...

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And if you're curious, here is what Tour and Taste is about....







General Description

Direct interaction is the BEST way to start a relationship with plants.

We will tour as well as sample edible/medicinal plants as they are manifesting themselves at Crow Feather Farm.  The samples will encompass our senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, intuition and sometimes even sound). 

This tour is kept at a small group (5-7 people) and each person with receive their own personal samples. 

Samples that are offered for tasting will be very simply prepared (vegan*, gluten & alcohol free) so that you get a basic sense of the plant as an edible and/or medicine. 

*Sometimes locally, ethically sourced raw honey will be used 

The beauty of this tour is that you get a multi-sensory introduction, a literal and figurative "taste", of many edible/medicinal plants before you decide to invest time and energy into growing them. 

The plants in each Tour and Taste changes with the season, so each class will be different depending on the time of year.  Some plants may repeat but only if they are have gifts to offer during that time of year.  Generally we tour 5-10 plants which will be a a mix of perennials, biennials and annuals. I am very interested in perennials so that that will be the primary focus.  

This class is primarily held outside*, rain or shine.  I have shelters and hot tea to help bolster our resilience to cold/rain if need be.  *Winter classes may be hosted inside

After the class you will receive a detailed PDF summary of the plants we explored that day as well as a discount coupon for Crow Feather Farm's edible/medicinal plant nursery. 




“I really enjoyed the way the class was structured.  I was surprised about the range of species that are available to enjoy this time of year and left feeling inspired.” - Meredith Tufts  Dec 2019

“I was surprised that I found so many of the plants we ate not simply tolerable but actually delicious.

I felt so deliciously full not only from the plants I had eaten but also with: the knowledge you (and the other students) had shared, the wonders of your farm, the time spent in cozy community, the delight of having met another lover of plants.” - Tara Jones Dec 2019

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