Urban Farm Design 101

Coming in Spring 2020

(Each class topic will be a short series, 2-3 classes

Dates & Times will be posted after January)

Demystifying Weeds:  A Gardeners Toolkit for Working With Weeds


Weeds are an inevitable part of any garden.  In this class we will learn strategies to work with these savvy and tricksy plants rather than against them. We will dive deep into the weeds and hopefully come up smiling and renewed with wonder. 

These plants are very dear to my heart and I've been wanting to offer this class for a long time so I'm excited to see how it manifests.  I imagine it will be a fascinating and eye opening class for all gardening abilities, beginning to advanced. 



What's that Bug?!  Supporting insects in your landscape from bees to rolly pollies


Pollinators are the darling of organic gardening practices but there are many other insects that support balance in the landscape.  Lacewings, wasps, ladybugs, YES!  I have personally watched all of them take care of business in the garden (eat other bugs). During this class we will look for and talk about a wide range of beneficial insects and how to attract them to your landscape for their "dinner".

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