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Urban Farm Design 101

All Classes Postponed For Now...

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And if you're curious, here is what Urban Farm Design 101 classes are about....

General Description

These classes will focus more on the patterns, rhythms and interconnections that help Crow Feather Farm thrive as well as hands on practical applications of these patterns, rhythms and connections in an urban/suburban setting. 


I am a seeker of patterns, of the big picture.  BUT, I also think it is important to have concrete ways to practice and play with these patterns on a small scale so that we can integrate and understand them better in our life.  

Topics will vary and will change with the seasons and with the community, but I am hoping to offer classes on soil building basics, common weeds, insects, basic seed starting and saving, patterns of resiliency and more.  I imagine each class topic will be a short series, 2-3 classes. 


With each class series we will "step out" to see and wonder about the bigger picture and interconnections.   Then we will "step back in" and focus on hands on practical applications right in our yards and community.   

I also hope to have guest teachers help me with these classes.

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