Welcome to Crow Feather Farm

At Crow Feather Farm there is food and medicine in the garden all year long.  This is achieved by growing a diverse array of plants including annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees, and self seeding plants that fill in the cracks.  In addition to being edible/medicinal, each of these plants has many other  roles in the garden ecosystem as well, from hosting butterfly larvae to breaking up compacted soil. 

How does one learn about all this?  Just like people, plants have a story to tell.  It’s a quiet story though, without words.  Plants speak to us through our senses and through our heart and through rhythms, cycles and patterns.  

It is Crow Feather Farm's pleasure to introduce and guide you on your own unique plant path by connecting you with plants that you can eat or use safely as medicine. 

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