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Welcome to Crow Feather Farm

Crow Feather Farm is pleased to offer a small Urban Nursery that specializes in edible and medicinal plants.

Classes and Tours are also available for you to gain direct, practical experience on how to grow and integrate the plants offered in the nursery into your life and diet. 

Crow Feather Farm's mission is to infuse urban landscapes with perennial food and medicine that the local community can confidently and joyfully integrate into their life and diet.

To a passerby, Crow Feather Farm may look like an abundant, sprawling garden, but with a discerning eye you will see a changing array of edible or medicinal plants in the landscape all year long. 


Herbaceous perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, and annual plants weave together and are constantly changing as the seasons move through.   This diverse array of plants have been specifically chosen for their edible/medicinal properties as well as other ecosystem supporting functions. 

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