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Garden Tours

Plants are a balm to our aching hearts and rattled spirits.  Let's spend some time with some of our oldest teachers.  

During each season a series of tours are offered on a donation basis.  During the tour you will have time to roam Crow Feather Farm, connect with kindred plant folks and learn about some plants that tug you in some way.  The vast majority of the plants grown on Crow Feather Farm have many functions in the landscape aside from aesthetics.  

This isn't your normal garden tour, rather each participant will choose several plants they are curious about.  Each tour should be unique to the folks that attend.  After the tour each attendee will receive a pdf summary of the plants we covered with common/botanical names, notes we covered and additional resources.  


Tour is limited to 5 people to comfortably fit the space.  

Hot tea is available, please bring your own mug.

$3-$10 Donation Appreciated

Masks are required please when we are not sitting still and distanced well.


Registration is Required

The next round of Garden Tours will be in late Winter, late January or February 2021. 

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